Maine: To Change Your Life

Moving to Maine was never in my plan. My husband, a performer from Australia, had been singing the praises of Maine before time memorial. Unfortunately, my confession here is that I was more than resistant to the idea of uprooting myself from the cozy environs of Southern California to the craggy seaboard of another coastal…

3 Tools for Manifestation You Already Have: An Understanding of Where to Start

People who are experts in the field of manifestation tend to use scary language when they talk about it. They are either so exorbitant in their presentation that those who are atheist – or even VERY religious – shut down because the expert can sound like a tree-hugging psychopath, OR they use language whose vocabulary requires prior experience, and potential followers tune them out. I’m here to show you, with simple language, the tools you already have to manifest the life you want.

Baxter Brewing is Why You Go to Lewiston

Driving into Lewiston, ME on a winter's night is like floating into a steampunk dream. A towering church illuminates a hill in the distance, whose scale is so large it looks like a map painting from the silent movie era. As you navigate through the town, a patchy blackness refocuses into massive mill buildings. These…

What Manifestation Is … and Isn’t  

Manifestation. The word either attracts or repels readers. Some may come to look out of curiosity, others know first-hand of the power of the Law of Attraction, and still more – either out of intellectual rigidity or sheer human stubbornness – refuse to acknowledge the possibilities. Let’s start with the totally non-scary, very straightforward fact:

You Want the Best for Your Child, So Give it to Them

You are enough. There is no need to run out and get a degree in early childhood development to be a great parent. There is no need to quit your job and stay at home 100% of the time to be a great parent (though kudos for those who can and do). Of course, we all want the best for our children. However, there are many of us who feel like we can’t provide this to our little ones. While there is no direct and easy answer, there are a few things we can keep in mind to give our babies the best start possible.

Trader Joe’s Exotic Imports that Make You Look Good (for under $20)

Interestingly, there is only one Trader Joe's in all of Maine, and it's located in Portland. This was once the largest Trader Joe's in the country. (The largest now resides in Texas - nothing surprising there - and beat out Maine by a few inches.) While there are other specialty grocers in the immediate vicinity of Portland, none offer an entire week's grocery shop for under $150 (alcohol included) ... except for Trader Joe's. You simply can't beat that value for imported and domestic products, anywhere.